Committee and Coaches

The Sabrecats Stunt Cheerleading Club is run by current University of Sheffield students who are full members of the club. These members make up the committee and ensure the club can continue to run year to year. For profiles on our committee members check out our Instagram

All of our coaches who create and choreograph every routine are also current University of Sheffield students. As we’re such a big club it takes a lot of people to run the club, look after all the members and make sure everyone enjoys it! Each squad has two coaches and some committee roles are shared to ease the workload and ensure the club is the best it can be. Without such committed members to run the club and coach all the cheerleaders we wouldn’t be the successful club we are!

Here are our committee and coaches:


Lottie Casey-
Lizzie Waddilove-
Sarah Crossley-
Club Secretary

Sophie Ball-

Laura McAuley-
Publicity and Fundraising Secretary
Melissa Mason-
Charity Secretary

Moesha Lamptey-
Welfare Secretary

Emma Hurley-
Kit and Sponsorship Secretary
Gee Moreland-
Kit and Sponsorship Secretary
Hannah Peggie-
Social and Inclusions Secretary
Rachel Newsham-
Social and Inclusions Secretary
Georgia Skill-
Fitness Secretary

Tilly Das- Gupta-
Tumbling Coach
Beth Allen-
Black Coach

Fiona Cornish-
Black Coach

Arianne Moore-
Gold Coach

Nathan Beamer-
Gold Coach

Lily Evans-
Silver Coach

Ellie Grace-
Silver Coach

Aron Awofadeju-
Group Stunt Coach

Lin Ling Xu-
Group Stunt Coach

Charlotte Winder-
Blue Coach
Izzy Randal-
Blue Squad Coach