Past & Present





President – Charlotte Blewett

Captain – Katie Hardy

Treasurer – Gemma Kumar

Secretary – Charlie Daniels 

Social Secs – Harriet Wilson and Katie McCormack

Funding and Kit – Kate Plummer and Harriet Wilson (now Rhodes)

Coaches – Vixi Newton and Nichola Sutcliffe


Captains – Hannah Burns (now Collinson) and Michelle Tighe (now Horridge)

Social Secs – Laura Duncan and Lauren Gowland

Treasurer –  Laura Kelley

Funding & Kit – Laura Simpson

Coaches – Vixi Newton and Nicola Sutcliffe


Captains – Lauren Gowland and Laura Duncan

Social Secs – Rebecca Lawson and Emma McCormack

Treasurer- Keeley Knowles 

Funding & Kit – Rosamond Travers (now Baker)

Coaches – Vixi Newton and Nichola Sutcliffe


Captains – Laura Simpson and Rosamond Travers (now Baker)

Social Secs – Emma Healey and Rebecca Lee

Treasurer – Naomi Surridge 

Funding & Kit – Laura Marginson and Katie McDonnell

Charity & PR – Helen Smalley

Coaches – Sarah Laycock and Bethany Mills


Captains – Rebecca Lee and Emma Healy

Treasurer – Carla Hubbard

Social Secs – Trinna Antonio and Danielle Kemp

Funding & Kit – Nia Williams and Fran Green

Charity & PR – Sara Chamberlain and Rachel Johnson

Coaches – Sarah Layock, Jessica Wright and Emer Hatem


Captains- Ellie James and Lucy Summers

Treasurer – Laura Culham

Social Secs – Annie Hewitt and Megan King

Kit & Sponsorship Secs – Santana Funici and Jess Bond

PR & Charity Secs – Lucy Gosling and Rachel O’Shea

Games Day Manager – Lucy Maxwell

Coaches – Amy Phillips-Jones, Emma Huelin, Milly Dalzell, Mica Anthony and Connie Ito


Captains – Annie Hewett and Megan King

Treasurer – Rebecca Hollingsworth 

Social Secs – Laura Quinn and Georgia Nicholls

Kit & Sponsorship Sec – Nathalie Payne

PR & Charity Secs – Fran Marks and Hannah Massey

Games Day Manager – Mary Curran

Coaches – Amy Phillips-Jones, Emma Huelin, Aymon Collins, Noami Essam and Connie Ito


Captains – Mary Curran and Lucy Gosling

Treasurer – Deborah van Zwanenberg

Social Secs – Josh Cornforth and Emily Burnett

Kit & Sponsorship Secs – Emma Drakes and Lindsey Campbell

Publicity & Charity Secs – Hannah Beasley and Bethany Watts

Games Day Manager – Catherine Martin

Coaches – Vicky Glenn, Abigail Windsor, Nathalie Payne, Anne Olubukola Adeniji, Fran Marks and Ellie James


Club Captains – Deborah van Zwanenberg and Hannah Beasley

Treasurer – Chloe Davey

Secretary – Manyara Matambanadzo

Social Secs – Megan Thomas and Molly Pallet

Kit & Sponsorship Secs – Jess Hall and Kat Elliot

Publicity & Charity Secs – Saskia Musacchio and Amy Wilson

Games Day Manager – Alison Lee

Coaches – Vicky Glenn, Isabel Flindt, Beth James, Nathalie Payne and Louise Cloney


Club Captains – Megan Thomas and Alison Lee

Treasurer – Amy Wilson

Secretary – May Phoon

Social Secs – Sophie Hind and Niall Johnson

Kit & Sponsorship Secs – Mimi Oluwande and Jara Ballestin

Publicity and Fundraising Sec – Deborah van Zwanenberg

Charity Sec – Ella Jordan

Games Day Manager – Chloe Davey

Coaches – Vicky Glenn, Jess Jones, Isabel Flindt, Emily Burnett and Katie Mellor


Club Captains – Saskia Musacchio and Molly Pallet                                                           

Treasurer – Lottie Casey

Secretary – Hannah Coubrough  

Social Secs – Beth English and Emma Rosen    

Kit & Sponsorship Secs – Lily Evans and Beth Dexter  

Publicity & Fundraising Sec – Manyara Matambanadzo                                                    

Charity Sec – Lizzie Waddilove     

Blue Squad Coaches – Holly Eley and Niall Johnson

Coaches – Maisey Haigh, Beth James, Alice Cowdry, Tom Young and Megan Thomas 


The 2018/19:

Club Captains – Lily Evans and Beth Dexter

Treasurer – Abbie Woodward

Secretary – Grace Nuttgens

Social & Inclusion Secs – Lizzie Waddilove and Emilie Lebarbier

Kit & Sponsorship Secs – Abbie Percox and Ellie Courtney

Publicity & Fundraising Sec – Lucy Miller

Charity Sec – Stevie Roberts

2018/19 coaches:

Black Squad – Maisey Haigh and Beth James

Gold Squad – Aron Awofadeju and Emma Norman

Silver Squad – Holly Eley and Alice Cowdry

Blue Squad – Lottie Casey and Tom Adams

Group Stunt – Fiona Cornish and Bethany Allen