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Inter Mural Netball

Category : 2019/2020 , Fitness

The 2019/2020 season marks our second year as a Sport Sheffield ‘Performance Sport’. In light of this and order to keep up fitness levels outside of our assigned strength and conditioning sessions at Sport Sheffield, our Fitness Secretary, Georgia Skill, has been setting up a stunt cheer inter mural netball team!

So far, the team has been met with both popularity and success. Although we lost our first game against Biomedical Sciences with a score of 21:10 , we won our second game triumphantly with a score of 5:16 against Bio and Chemical Engineering. It’s great to see sabrecats from different teams trying something different and bond with each other outside of cheer!

We can’t wait to see our success continue and we want to say a massive well done to Georgia for all her hard work in organising this netball team.

Anyone is welcome to join the netball team and if you did want to get involved you can message Georgia Skill or email the cheer account on

Training: Sunday 3pm-4pm at Goodwin

Games: Tuesday 3:20pm- 4pm at Goodwin