Monthly Archives: August 2019

New committee and coaching positions!

In advance of the 2019/2020 season we decided to introduce a few new committee and coaching positions to aid the development of the team. The new positions are: Welfare Secretary (Moesha Laptey); Fitness Secretary (Georgia Skill) and Tumbling Coach (Tilly Das-Gupta). As with our other committee and coaching positions, the new roles are fulfilled by current University of Sheffield students and Sabrecat members!

Welfare Secretary- Moesha Laptey

In light of increasing concerns about mental health and wellbeing, especially amongst university students, we decided to develop the Social and Inclusions Secretary role by creating the new role of Welfare Secretary.

Being active and positive mental health are interlinked so it seems perfect that, as such an active club, we promote not only physical but also mental wellbeing. The role of Welfare Secretary acts as a club counsellor and a friendly face, offering advice and support to all and any stunt cheerleaders. Any issues shared with Moesha are fully confidential and Sabrecats can speak to her about issues both within and external to cheer. The University of Sheffield counselling services will also support Moesha in her new role to allow her to provide the best help and to make sure her wellbeing is also a priority.

As this role is new it will develop and evolve in order to best fit the needs of the team. Wellbeing and happiness is at the heart of the Sabrecats ethos and so we hope that by introducing this new role we can help tackle university mental health.

Fitness Secretary- Georgia Skill

The upcoming 2019/2020 season will mark our second season as a Sport Sheffield Performance Sport. This is a great achievement and as part of this title Sabrecats have free access to strength and conditioning (S&C) sessions once a week to improve fitness. There was so much progress in the strength and confidence of our cheerleaders in the first year of regular S&C sessions we decided to introduce a Fitness Secretary to expand on this!

Working closely with Sport Sheffield, Georgia has the responsibility of devising and monitoring S&C sessions to make sure the sessions reflect the type of strength required for stunts, tumbles and jumps. To further focusing on the strength elements of cheerleading, the Fitness Secretary also creates personalised flexibility and endurance fitness plans.

There are also plans for Georgia to oversee and organise an intramural netball team for cheerleaders to compete against departmental netball teams. This is a great way for Sabrecats to try a different sport and work in a team with cheerleaders outside their normal squad.

Tumbling Coach- Tilly Das-Gupta

Tumbling is an integral element of cheerleading and, as the personal tumbling experiences of all our coaches can vary, we decided to introduce an experienced coach who can specifically focus on tumbling across all squads!

During all our training sessions for competitive squads we have time dedicated to improving tumbling but having a tumbling coach means these sessions will be more productive and we hope to see improvements in our tumbling scores for all competition teams. Tilly herself is an experienced gymnast and gymnastics coach so has experience teaching high and low level tumbling to both experienced and beginner athletes.