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Inter Mural Netball

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The 2019/2020 season marks our second year as a Sport Sheffield ‘Performance Sport’. In light of this and order to keep up fitness levels outside of our assigned strength and conditioning sessions at Sport Sheffield, our Fitness Secretary, Georgia Skill, has been setting up a stunt cheer inter mural netball team!

So far, the team has been met with both popularity and success. Although we lost our first game against Biomedical Sciences with a score of 21:10 , we won our second game triumphantly with a score of 5:16 against Bio and Chemical Engineering. It’s great to see sabrecats from different teams trying something different and bond with each other outside of cheer!

We can’t wait to see our success continue and we want to say a massive well done to Georgia for all her hard work in organising this netball team.

Anyone is welcome to join the netball team and if you did want to get involved you can message Georgia Skill or email the cheer account on

Training: Sunday 3pm-4pm at Goodwin

Games: Tuesday 3:20pm- 4pm at Goodwin


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We are thrilled to be able to announce our brand new Level 4 Co-Ed Team, Platinum!

This team is being headed up by Aron (our current group stunt coach) and Estelle (Black squad member) and will compete at ICC Nottingham along with our other squads. This is such an exciting opportunity for our most talented athletes to push themselves further!

This team will be completely funded by fundraising efforts from the club towards training venues and competition entry so any donations towards this team would be very much appreciated. This money will go directly towards making participation cheaper for our members. Please donate to our Just Giving page to support us on this exciting new development.

We can’t wait to see this team’s debut this season so watch this space!

‘Joint in Action’ charity work

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On Sunday 13th October, we got the chance to part in a charity event called ‘Joint in Action’ in support of the Rheumatology department of the Children’s hospital. Together our charity sec Melissa, with our amazing group of volunteers, Nathan, Megan and Hannah all worked together to teach children how to cheer! It was a really successful day, and all the children enjoyed it and hopefully some will go on to cheer in future! We had some amazing feedback and we hope to support them in other similar events.

CoppaFeel! charity social

Category : 2019/2020 , Charity

To hit the ground running with charity work for our 2019/2020 season, we started off the year with a charity social to raise awareness and funds for CoppaFeel! in support of Breast cancer awareness month.

The night was super successful and we raised a total of £125.96! All of our Sabrecats worked hard throughout the night raising money on West Street and Bar One, selling glitter, fake tattoos and generally gathering support. A special thank you to our social secs Hannah and Rachel and for our charity sec Mel for their work for the social! If you are interested in donating to this charity then please donate via the link below, and remember: always check your pecks and boobs!

Post-tryouts run down!

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After a super successful two weeks of Give It A Gos and taster sessions we held our team tryouts on Saturday 12th October. We had 117 people (new and old members) trying out for our four squads!

As a club, we pride ourselves on inclusivity and as such everyone gets a place on our teams. For this season we have 22 members on Black; 27 members on Gold; 22 members on Silver and 48 members on Blue so we’re looking forwards to a big and successful year for the club!

A group picture from our first Give It A Go of the year

Tryouts themselves ran smoothly and we were really impressed with all the talent and potential we saw in all of our athletes! During our tryouts we were also fortunate enough to be able to do a takeover on the @ukunicheer Instagram account which was an amazing way to showcase our club to a wider audience! We’re also really excited to continue this collaboration with such a great Instagram account!

Following our tryouts, we partied the night away at our post-tryouts Poptarts social! Where we partied the night away in celebration with our old Sabrecats and our new freshers.

We also held our first official social on Wednesday with the theme ‘Terrible Trousers’. Each team stated off at their coaches houses where they played games and bonded before heading off to Roar to reunite with the whole squad. Our social secs Hannah and Rachel did an amazing job at organising this social and we can’t wait for many more in the upcoming season! 

Our first group social picture!

Give It A Go Stunt Cheerleading dates announced!

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As we’re getting closer to the Freshers week Sports Fair on the 27th September it’s time to announce out Give It A Go dates! We’ll be holding taster sessions of stunt cheerleading on:

-28th September (9am-12am) at Croft House

-30th September (7pm-10pm) at CMA

-1st October (6pm-10pm) at Brookhill Hall

-7th October (7pm-10pm) at CMA

-8th October (6pm-10pm) at Brookhill Hall

Give It A Gos are the best way to try out the stunts, jumps, tumbles and dance elements that make up a cheer routine. Each session is £3 and tickets are available from the Student’s Union Box Office or on the door.

We welcome and encourage all genders, all ages and all levels of experience to join cheerleading and can’t wait to meet all the new faces in the next few weeks!

For our Give It A Go on the 28th September we’ll meet on the concourse outside the Student’s Union and walk down to Croft House together. There’s an event page on Facebook for more information about this first taster session so keep up to date on there with any new information. 

If you have any questions or want to get in touch come and see us at our stall at the Sports Fair in The Octagon on the 27th September!

You can also get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via email (

Can’t wait to see you all!

New committee and coaching positions!

In advance of the 2019/2020 season we decided to introduce a few new committee and coaching positions to aid the development of the team. The new positions are: Welfare Secretary (Moesha Laptey); Fitness Secretary (Georgia Skill) and Tumbling Coach (Tilly Das-Gupta). As with our other committee and coaching positions, the new roles are fulfilled by current University of Sheffield students and Sabrecat members!

Welfare Secretary- Moesha Laptey

In light of increasing concerns about mental health and wellbeing, especially amongst university students, we decided to develop the Social and Inclusions Secretary role by creating the new role of Welfare Secretary.

Being active and positive mental health are interlinked so it seems perfect that, as such an active club, we promote not only physical but also mental wellbeing. The role of Welfare Secretary acts as a club counsellor and a friendly face, offering advice and support to all and any stunt cheerleaders. Any issues shared with Moesha are fully confidential and Sabrecats can speak to her about issues both within and external to cheer. The University of Sheffield counselling services will also support Moesha in her new role to allow her to provide the best help and to make sure her wellbeing is also a priority.

As this role is new it will develop and evolve in order to best fit the needs of the team. Wellbeing and happiness is at the heart of the Sabrecats ethos and so we hope that by introducing this new role we can help tackle university mental health.

Fitness Secretary- Georgia Skill

The upcoming 2019/2020 season will mark our second season as a Sport Sheffield Performance Sport. This is a great achievement and as part of this title Sabrecats have free access to strength and conditioning (S&C) sessions once a week to improve fitness. There was so much progress in the strength and confidence of our cheerleaders in the first year of regular S&C sessions we decided to introduce a Fitness Secretary to expand on this!

Working closely with Sport Sheffield, Georgia has the responsibility of devising and monitoring S&C sessions to make sure the sessions reflect the type of strength required for stunts, tumbles and jumps. To further focusing on the strength elements of cheerleading, the Fitness Secretary also creates personalised flexibility and endurance fitness plans.

There are also plans for Georgia to oversee and organise an intramural netball team for cheerleaders to compete against departmental netball teams. This is a great way for Sabrecats to try a different sport and work in a team with cheerleaders outside their normal squad.

Tumbling Coach- Tilly Das-Gupta

Tumbling is an integral element of cheerleading and, as the personal tumbling experiences of all our coaches can vary, we decided to introduce an experienced coach who can specifically focus on tumbling across all squads!

During all our training sessions for competitive squads we have time dedicated to improving tumbling but having a tumbling coach means these sessions will be more productive and we hope to see improvements in our tumbling scores for all competition teams. Tilly herself is an experienced gymnast and gymnastics coach so has experience teaching high and low level tumbling to both experienced and beginner athletes.

Sabrecats Promo 2017-18

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Check out our amazing new promo video for the year, and find out exactly what stunt cheerleading is all about, including how you can get involved.

You can also take a look at our Youtube channel for more videos of our competition and Varsity routines.

2016/17 Season Review

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The Sheffield Sabrecats had another exceptional year with success across all squads, both in and out of competitions with a highlight being Gold Squad once again becoming National Champions at the ICC British Open Championships and also winning a bid to the ICC Battle of the Champions 2018.


Our Games and Development Squad, which has now been renamed the Blue Squad, has been steadily increasing in size over the past few years, and this year saw our biggest Blue Squad to date, with over 40 members and with the help of the Blue Squad Coach, Chloe Davey, they produced a very impressive routine at the Sheffield Sabres’ home games throughout the year as well as putting on an exceptional performance at our annual Showcase event.

We also had members from our Blue Squad and competition teams perform together at the Rugby Union and League, Football, American Football and Lacrosse events at Varsity 2016.


We continued to have competition teams competing at All Girl Level 3 (Black Squad) and Co-Ed Level 2 (Gold Squad), plus Group Stunts competing at Levels 2-6. At our first competition of the year, Future Cheer University Nationals in Birmingham, Group Stunts Level 3 and 5 came 2nd, Black Squad came 3rd and Gold Squad came 4th.

A few weeks later at Future Cheer Circus Spectacular, which was in our home city, we once again had a huge amount of support from the Sabres and some of our alumni and friends and family. Black Squad, Group Stunts Level 3 and 5 all came 1st, Group Stunts Level 2, 3 and 4 came 2nd and Gold Squad came 3rd.

Our final competition of the year was at ICC British Open Championships and it resulted in Gold Squad once again being awarded 1st place and being named National Champions, as well as winning a bid to ICC Battle of Champions 2018 and in a very tough category Black Squad put on an amazing performance and were awarded 6th place.

This topped off yet another fantastic competition season which exceeded the last and a massive thank you to all the coaches for all their hard work this year and for creating some exceptional routines!

Charity and Events

Outside of cheerleading, we were busy organising and taking part in a variety of charity events. We took part in the annual “Do It For You” Day held in conjunction with Sheffield Children’s Hospital, which was our chosen charity for the year. This day allows current and former childhood cancer patients the opportunity to take part in a number of different sports, including cheerleading!

We also held various other fundraising events including bake sales, themed training sessions, a 24 hour cycle-a-thon and most impressively running the Sheffield Half Marathon and we’ve raised over £1500!

We also got the opportunity to feature in a Thomas Cook Airlines UK campaign which was an amazing opportunity and great fun! In addition to this, a few of the Sabrecats will be supporting Thomas Cook UK in the parade during Manchester Pride 2017 which we are all so excited about!


Once again, a huge thank you to our sponsors and our fantastic committee and coaches for all their hard work over the past year!